Specialists Re-Ridging Thatch Roofing ALL OVER THE UK

It’s important that a thatch roof is re-ridged every 12 to 15 years to maintain its quality, entrust the specialist job to the team at All Counties Thatching. We have a team with 30 years of trade experience, working on and maintaining thatched roofs across the UK. As well as re-ridging your roof, we will provide maintenance services to ensure your roof is protected for years to come.


When it comes to thatched roofs, it needs to be constantly checked as the natural degradation of materials could cause potential damage to your property.

Our re-ridging services include:


  • Removing Wire Netting

  • Removing Old Ridge

  • Re-Applying the Ridge

  • Securing the Thatch

  • Removing Loose Materials and Moss

In addition, we will also clean and carry out small repairs, even fitting a new wire netting if required to make sure your roof is properly protected.

CONTACT US for more information on our specialist re-ridging process and the thatch roofs we maintain across the Uk.