Thatched Roofing Maintenance and Preventative Care Providers ALL OVER THE UK

Though thatched roofs are built to last, it’s important that they are properly cared for to ensure they last all year round. All Counties Thatching works across the UK to provide maintenance and preventative care for roofing, with our experts providing one-off and periodical services to keep your thatched roof in impeccable condition.

Our Maintenance Service.

The growth of algae, moss, or external forces can cause serious damage to your thatched roof, our experts recommend having your roof cleaned and re-tightened once a year to keep it in an excellent condition.

Our expert thatchers will provide an insurance thatching report,as well as a free quote, estimate, and advice on what needs to be done and what we could provide to maintain your roof's condition.

Measures to Maintain Your Roof

Measures to Maintain Your Roof

  • Periodic Cleaning

  • Redressing the Thatched Roof

  • Controlling Algae and Moss

  • General Maintenance

  • Trimming Surrounding Trees

Increasing Your Roof’s Lifespan

There are many precautionary measures that we will put in place to help increase the lifespan of your roofing.

Whether it's letting the roof dry well, removing surrounding trees and plants, or frequent checks, our team of professionals have the skills and experience necessary to maintain your thatched roofing's appearance.

Ensure a healthy thatched roof by CONTACTING All Counties Thatching. Our maintenance and preventative care work is available across the uk.